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Ms. Lopez is a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney who will handle your case from the day of your arrest to the day you hear the words ‘dismissed’ or ‘not guilty.’ Whether you need help understanding the charges against you or simply knowing what to expect for court tomorrow, Ms. Lopez will walk you through the process step by step until you are comfortable and confident in what to expect.


Ms. Lopez has been practicing law for over 10 years. She has tried dozens of cases to a judge and jury. Attorney Lopez is not afraid of a fight and will use her time in the courtroom and knowledge of the law to get you results.


The true sign of a good attorney is not just the cases tried to a jury but the cases dismissed before they ever make it to trial. Because of Attorney Lopez’s experience in the courtroom and reputation as a fighter, numerous cases have been dismissed on the eve of trial. Yours could be next!


Criminal Defense Attorney Houston, Texas

Attorney Lopez has taken dozens of cases before juries with awesome results. Her over 10 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney has led to countless dismissals and acquittals. Attorney Lopez is a former prosecutor and has represented hundreds of clients. One of Attorney Lopez’s prior positions was as a defense attorney working for the State Counsel for Offenders, representing accused sexually violent predators paroling out of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. There is no charge too big or too small. Her experience includes trials ranging from possession of marijuana to murder.  Let her fight for you!

Whether you have been accused of a sex crime, find yourself fighting a DWI, or are trying to clear your name following an assault allegation, we are here to help. Call, text, or e-mail, Attorney Lopez is ready to answer your questions and concerns.

Mrs. Lopez is the BEST!

Mrs. Lopez was prompt,and sincere in communicating with me.She truley cares about her clients success and their future.Thank you very much.May GOD bless you!


It took a little over a year however she beat the case for with a dismissal. Great job Mrs.Lopez! Mrs. Lopez was prompt, and sincere in communicating with me. She truly cares about her clients success and their future. Thank you very much. May GOD bless you!

Excellent Attorney

Mrs. Lindsey Lopez will fight for you!! She is professional, sharp and determined to bring forth the truth!! I felt more and more confident as the jury trail went further and further. She presented the facts as they were, the truth. She never wavered. She went in there determined to get my freedom. The State of Texas wanted to send me to jail on a she said, she said case. Mrs. Lopez and her associate, (who I will be leaving a review for as well) made all the right calls for my case with the end result was my freedom.

Excellent Attorney

I really appreciate all that was done for me. If you need a professional, sharp attorney that knows the law, you need Mrs. Lopez. Do not let the blond hair fool you. Mrs. Lopez is a beast in the courtroom.

For 7 years, I dealt with having a felony on my record. Lindsay Lopez took a look at my case file and had determined that I was able to get my record sealed! She did a brilliant job msking sure I knew what was going on the whole time, she kept me updated through and through, and did it all in a well-timely and professional manner. I’m extremely grateful for her! If you need a laywer that actually wants to help you, Lindsay Lopez is the one!

Hands down, the best criminal defense lawyer I’ve ever met in my life! She makes time for each of her clients, she answers EVERY SINGLE TEXT/email no matter how tedious… and she really helps you understand everything from start to finish! She got my felony case dismissed before I even had to go to court!!!! I will recommend her to everyone I know! She truly cares and she is KNOWLEDGEABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY. I can’t say it enough she’s the definition of an incredible lawyer!!! Thank you again so much!!!

Hired her for a small case and was dismissed less then a week later highly recommend

She helped me for 3 years on a case that she did her BEST on. I appreciate her for all her time and help. She got a felony aggravated assault charge down to a misdemeanor. She’s very professional and I’d recommend her to anyone! Thank you Mrs. Lopez for all your time.


Assaultive crimes

Offenses including allegations of violence between persons. Crimes may be categorized as domestic violence, including those resulting in serious bodily injury, the use of a deadly weapon, and murder. Punishment ranges from a fine only to life inprisonment.

Drug crimes

Possession, receipt, manufacture, or distribution of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, methampetamine, PCP, Xanax, Soma, inhalants, any drug/controlled substance intentionally or knowingly possessed without a valid prescription.

Sex crimes

Offenses include exposure of genetalia, unwanted touching by another person,  digital and oral penetration.

Property crimes

Offenses including damage to personal or real property. These crimes can include physical violence (robbery), simply presence without permission (criminal trespass), is a taking or possession of property without permission (theft).

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