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Brazoria County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Pearland Criminal Defense Attorney Are you living in Brazoria County and need a criminal defense attorney? Texas has some of the toughest penalties in the nation for certain crimes. It is important to have a Brazoria County Criminal Defense  Attorney that you can trust. Lindsay Lopez not only helps clients with criminal defense strategies and […]

Fort Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fort Bend Criminal Defense Lawyer Facing criminal charges in Fort Bend County, Texas can be a scary thing. You know very well that there’s a lot on the line.  Your freedom can be taken away with punishments such as jail time and license revocation, but also your reputation in the community and among family and […]

Possession of Marijuana in the State of Texas

Possession of marijuana Ch. 481.121 Health and Safety Code: it’s a crime in the state of Texas for which counties are consistently inconsistent. Some counties may let you go with a warning and a finger wag while others may escort you to the back of their patrol car.