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DWI In Brazoria County

Drinking and driving is not taken lightly in the state of Texas and can result in serious penalties. It doesn’t have to be the end of your career or life, however, if you retain an experienced attorney capable of handling your case. Brazoria County DWI

Each year roughly 90,000 men, women, and minors are arrested for a DWI or driving while intoxicated in Texas. This is a criminal offense which is oftentimes also referred to as driving under the influence (DUI).

According to NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations, there have been about 1,400 drug and alcohol-related vehicle fatalities in the state of Texas since 2009. These stats rank Texas as a state with one of the highest amounts of alcohol and drug-related driving accidents in the nation. Brazoria County has its fair share of DWI arrests, as well. Find an attorney with experience that you can trust.

Brazoria County DWI Lawyer

If you were recently arrested in Brazoria County for drinking and driving, you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. The damage that alcohol and drug-related collisions can have on lives and property is immense and due to the potential for temporary and permanent damage. Experience matters. Lindsay R. Lopez, PLLC can make a difference in your experience with the Brazoria County Justice System.

Law Offices of Lindsay R. Lopez, PLLC  focuses on DWI and DUI arrests in the South East Texas area including, Harris County, Brazoria County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County and more.

DWI Offenses in Brazoria County

In the penal code, there are quite a few different types of DWI offenses and enhancements that a person arrest for DUI in Brazoria County may face, including:

Whatever DWI/DUI related crime you may have been arrested for, you should not assume that going to court and pleading guilty is your only option. With an experienced DWI or DUI attorney in Brazoria County, you can remain out of jail and enjoy your freedom.